At The Blue Agency we pride ourselves on being extremely discreet. Following are some testimonials from clients without any reference to names. We will be happy to provide reference details once we have had a small chat with any potential client.

I had a big company looking after my investment apartments in Israel and could never get straight answers from them. I have now been with Barry and his team at the Blue agency for over 8 years and am delighted that I made the change. Yaron answers all my queries timelessly, my costs have been reduced and I am now getting market related rentals.

JM South Africa

The Blue Agency has managed my properties in Israel for almost ten years. There has been minimal tenant turnover and I have had almost no empty periods. I have no hesitation in recommending them to friends of mine.

IL New York

We were recommended to Barry through friends of ours while looking for a holiday home in Israel. Barry and his team of trusted associates very patiently showed us relevant properties until we found our place. Yaron and Mati now manage it for us and apart from being very responsive, I know that I can trust them to follow through with any action items. We love coming to our Villa for the chagim and summer holidays and I would highly recommend them.

ER London

I have Known Barry Cohen for over 16 years since he started managing my properties. I have had a very positive experience with my Israeli properties and this is in no small way due to his professionalism and expertise. Over the years I have managed to increase the portfolio knowing full well that I am in good hands. I receive quarterly reports and am especially comfortable knowing that he comes to South Africa so often and if we need to discuss anything face to face he is always available. Special mention to Yaron who replies almost immediately to any email queries I have.

South Africa

I first contacted Barry about selling our flat in Israel because we were having endless hassles with the tenants and the previous management company was simply not handling the situation properly. I found it very difficult to communicate with them and felt I had no option but to get rid of our flat. Thankfully after consulting with Barry we decided to keep it. He sorted out the tenant immediately and we renovated the apartment (long overdue after 20 years). We are now getting 25% more on our rental than before. Mati handled the renovation and worked extremely well with my wife even though it was all handled by email and whatsapp. She also came in on budget which was our greatest joy. All in all a great experience and we are very confident to have them managing our precious asset in the Holy Land.

South Africa

Over the years we always thought of buying a property in Israel but were always wary of doing it by remote control. When I was introduced to Barry he made me feel quite comfortable about the whole process and helped me understand the ins and outs. We finally took the big step and are very happy with our purchase but especially relieved that we are in Barry’s capable hands. I was very impressed when we finally visited the property to see how it had been finished and met the tenants who seem like a wonderful couple. I receive regular reports and statements and am grateful that we managed to get into the Israeli property market.


We spent many years looking for our ideal home in Israel and undoubtedly without Barrys help we would not have succeeded. We now get great pleasure out of using the house for the chagim and holidays and we would never be able to do this without the Blue Agency’s management services. Nothing is ever too much to ask and we find Mati to be very obliging and efficient. One of the advantages is that they deal with everybody on our behalf, which is a pleasure considering we don’t speak the language so well. We especially appreciate the way Mati has dealt with the builder and would not have been able to do this without her. We have no hesitation in recommending their very professional and reliable service.

South Africa

Three years ago I met Barry in Israel and almost bought an flat for investment. At the last minute I got cold feet but we kept in touch with over the years. I am very happy to say that we just bought a great 5 room flat in Netanya which Mati is finishing along with the developer and I look forward to seeing the finished product soon. All of this was done without me having to be in Israel. I totally trust Barry and would highly recommend The Blue Agency.

South Africa